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Need Cash? We Buy it ALL at CA$H 4 ALL


What do we do?


We buy merchandise and give you cash on the spot.
We sell quality pre-owned products at lower-than-retail prices.
We pawn which means that we give you an instant cash loan against your items of value.
We buy gold and pay top dollar.
We also buy silver, platinum, diamonds, coins, electronics, musical instruments, power tools, game systems, automobiles, and much more.

How do we do it?


CA$H 4 ALL PAWN serves our customers in 3 ways: 1). We buy your items of value for fast cash on the spot. 2). We act as a reseller by selling the slightly used merchandise we purchase to customers at a much more reasonable rate than retail. 3). We serve as a pawnshop in which customers can receive a cash loan in exchange for items of value that serve as collateral.

Why do we do it?


It’s not easy to go into a bank and get a loan anymore.We at CA$H 4 ALL PAWN make getting a loan simple. Bring us your gold, jewelry, watches, diamonds, car's and collectibles and we guarantee that we will give you a hassle free low interest loan.

Our renewable loans have the lowest interest rates in Michigan and at CA$H $ ALL PAWN you always get the MOST CASH for your items and that is a Guarantee – on average we give 25% more cash than anyone else in Michigan.

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